Testimonials of my clients

Simona, 32 years


"During our work with Zuzka, we dealt with a serious health problem of our then unborn baby and serious problems in our relationship.

Thanks to Zuzka's work and her skills, we managed this uncertain and challenging period with much more confidence and amazing results. We have not yet completely "conquered", but we are experiencing amazing progress and we are on the best path.

And for that, a big thanks goes to Zuzka. Thanks to Zuzka, I knew why it was happening to me, what was happening to me and what I could do to move things forward.

She also always cleared with energies what was needed and it made me feel significantly better after each coaching session and with specific recommendations from her I knew what to do to move things along.

In a short time, large shifts were also visible. Without Zuzka's guidance, I would have probably done quite a lot of things, especially in the relationship area, that would have done the exact opposite of what I wanted.

I also really appreciate the fact that whenever possible, she was very flexible about the session date. If you are in a situation where the same problems repeat themselves in your life, you are dealing with difficult things or you "just" want to move your life to greater fulfillment in any area, I definitely recommend working on it with Zuzka. "

Simona, 32 years, business woman

Oľga, 69 years


"One day I decided to watch a webinar where Zuzanka Jankajová had the main word about how everything is connected, especially in business - how we can improve our perception... So I arranged a 1-hour coaching session - I was curious about what was going on will happen.

And what happened to me, I was bolder and in a positive mood. I managed to take steps forward in MLM, since we are in the project period. The techniques that Zuzka advised began to unfold for the better, the funnier, and I don't deal with the little things. What for.

Thank you very much, it's going well, I had my first Webinar in the group on Thursday, two of them have already registered and another one is in the process, I started the healing PLANT PARADOX in the group on the second day and I like it, people are joining and it's quiet at home. I want to achieve a higher MASTER position and as a reward achieve passive income and a vacation to Sicily. Of course, I will be honored on the stage of our company HLBS.

Thank you very much Zuzka and I will contact you again when necessary. Good luck to everyone."

Oľga, 69 years, business woman

Sandra, 30 years


"I am grateful to Zuzka for doing what she does.

After 2 years of hard suffering, she was the only one who could calm my soul and lead me on the right path. She took a long way with me, which several psychologists have failed to do.

She is very accommodating, and especially perceptive. She is not afraid to tell you her opinion on what to do and give you some practical advice or techniques. Zuzka also helps at a higher level, which you feel right after the first session, and in fact, after every single one, I'm charged with her positive energy.

It also happened that I called her at the same time and she reacted promptly. She also doesn't do anything about it if the session here and there is extended by a few minutes with me, so it often happens she never asked me anything. Here she shows her humanity and character and great zeal to really help people.

The money invested in these sessions is probably my best investment so far in myself and the person who really deserves it and more :).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to our next sessions "

Sandra, 30 years

Kristy, 24 years


"Zuzka, I want to thank myself and announce that I have stopped being a nervous person, I am focusing more on self-love, I am reprogramming my subconscious, the period of a cold changes according to my emotional state, I have started to take care of myself both physically and mentally. I've probably fallen in love with Ján, I can now even say hello and look at him with a nice look, I'm currently working on self-love, it's possible that in the end it will be a joint journey through life, I'm trying to believe it... your energy clearing helped the most, as well as the insights with Peter, his energy it stops working on me negatively even though I meet him here and there, he's kind of unhappy, I recommend you elsewhere.

You were the only one who gave me the answers to what happened before this life and confirmed my suspicions with that family, you also gave me the answer that anything can change with Ján towards me if I change my energy, it does happen, although he tends to run away from me, you explained to me straight away the thing with Peter, which troubled me the most and the unreasonable emotions."

Kristy, 24 years, business woman

Janik, 24 years


"Hello, I would like to start by saying that I had a problem with finding work, I could not move on, it took about 7 months... I found Ms. Zuzana on Facebook and tried one session with her where we worked together on energy clearing, so that moved ... and within 2 weeks they called me from work, so thank you very much."

Janik, 24 years,

Vierka, 34 years


"Zuzka is one great person. I contacted her about a health problem and she helped me understand that the problem is far away, not in the health problem itself. I also wrote to her in a private message that she showed me the windows and doors where I thought that it's just a wall ... she guided me how to move on, how to accept myself.


Sometimes it is enough just to look at the problem by somebody else perspective, that may have bothered you for years ... Thanks to Zuzka, I realized a lot and I thank her. "

Vierka, 34 years, Redactor World of Women

Katarína, 38 years


"If it is true that it is said that there are angels on the earth without wings, then this nice, smiling horsehair Zuzka is one of them ... 
Fate arranged it for me so that I had the opportunity to meet Zuzka for the first time a year ago, and since then I have managed to go through the full path of suffering thanks to her constant help .. 
Before I met her, I was mentally very ill, so much that I thought about suicide, because I did not see another way out of my problems .. I have a difficult divorce, great existential and financial problems .... 
Well, the first session, the first contact was enough and I started to perceive the world and my life a little more colorfully, because someone appeared who helped me direct the flow of thoughts and I am extremely grateful that he is here for me too .. 
There is a lot I need to solve, just like the others, but somehow you always know exactly when to call me and how to help me. Main thanks to you also for what you taught me ... that everything I want and I have to change, it's mainly to change my attitude towards myself .. and you were right .. 
Zuzka I want to express my huge gratitude to you in this way, for what you have done with me and for me and I really appreciate you, and I look forward to each of our sessions, because it will always give me something new and give you courage and self-confidence .. 
Over time, I see what I've been through and that now I have no problem getting up in the morning and falling asleep in the evening with a smile on my face, because I believe more and more that I can do what I want ... whether in private or work life, because with with your help, I am also doing very well financially ... gradually turning my little dreams into reality .. " 
Katarína, 38 years, Financial Agent

Veronika, 35 years

Czech Republic

"Right after the first session, my joy returned to life, I feel myself again, feminine and light, as if the veil in front of my eyes has been exposed, which threw an almost one-year undiagnosable ailment over them. I'm looking forward to the next meeting." 
Veronika, 35 years old, Kindergarten teacher

Evka, 57 years


I consider Zuzka to be the best transformation trainer I have ever met.

During two weeks, I had two meetings with her. The issues surrounding my 9-year relationship reached such a level of resolution that I no longer felt the need to resolve something.

I couldn't overcome this matter even in 8 months of working with Andy Winson.

Therefore, I decided to continue working more closely with Zuzka. Her female notion of the world and the problems associated with it is unique and the obvious results do not take long to come.

Thank you Zuzka for your help. "

Evka, 57 years, Businesswoman

Martin, 42 years


"I attended a therapeutic online session with Zuzka and I am very satisfied with her work and approach. She knows exactly what she needs to do and what to focus on thanks to her connection. I definitely recommend Zuzka's help to everyone who is determined to solve  and resolve their life challenges. " 

"I feel such a deeper self-acceptance and reconciliation with myself, and I feel better both physically and internally, so it definitely helped and of course I will continue."

Martin, 42 years old

Barbora, 42 years


"A treasure from the Caribbean.


One ordinary day, when I received an offer to join one FB group, I looked at the post where dear Zuzka introduced herself. A very interesting life story, and besides, I intuitively felt that I had to contact her, because she can solve exactly what I urgently needed. Even though I don't know her personally (I believe I will know her once), I was fascinated by her empathy, humility, help, shining and experience, humanity, a woman with a big heart and by the methods she works with and helps people with.

At the time I contacted her, I was dealing with unreal chaos in my life at all levels, health, relationship, work. I am very grateful to Zuzka for helping me and my life overall progresses rapidly in the right direction, the first call has so captivated me that I have decided to use her help and understand more myself, my life, health and the people in it. I really appreciate the methods she works with, the energy is unreal, my health improved in a second and the rest started to take the right direction. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being and for coming to my life, and I am extremely grateful for what you are doing for me and others. I highly recommend her. "

Barbora, 42 years, Businesswoman and medical laboratory assistant

Barbora, 42 years


"On the day Zuzka and I contacted, I was in a very poor health setting, a long-term cervical spine problem, blockage plus extreme headaches that lasted two weeks in a stretch plus a bad emotional setting, at that time Zuzka sent me energy to all these levels, that I needed to solve, and within a few minutes I had no headache or cervical spine and my emotions were harmonized.

That moment remained written in my heart as MAGIC. Thank you Zuzka from the bottom of my heart that thanks to you I felt an extremely fast progress in solving my health complications, relationship and emotions at all levels. Thanks. "

Barbora, 42 years, Businesswoman and medical laboratory assistant

Kateřina, 40 years

Czech Republic

"For two years I have been experiencing problems with the man I love. Classical psychological directions have advised me to go away from it. For two years I have been looking for a different approach, because something in me knows very well that there is a solution and that the relationship can be healed. Zuzka - she directed me very sensitively and perceptively to the right path, and I have no doubt that love is truly a healing energy. I am grateful to meet her. Besides, she is a beautiful woman with a look and soul who smiles and beams a beautiful light. " 
Kateřina, 40 years

Janka, 47 years


"If miracles happen, Zuzka let me experience them and feel them to wait ..... Such a powerful experience and the most beautiful gift under the Christmas tree .... Thank you Zuzka from the bottom of my heart .... For the immense energy that is immediately noticeable. ... The hour has not passed and I have already felt that things are changing, cleaning, storing them in the right place ..... And as soon as I came home, I was greeted by my daughter, who would rather hide in her room! And with such love, which I don't remember for a long time, the tension in us eased .... I told her maybe a month ago that if she doesn't help me, no Christmas will be with us .... So barely the honeycombs are baked ...... Not even an hour since our conversation with Zuzka and suddenly the phone rings ...... We have one free box of cookies left, don't you want ???? Of course, I accept a gift .... Zuzka also taught me during our conversation that we should be able to accept gifts ..... and thank you ..... So that there was not a few miracles for the moment, I have not yet managed to recover from the cookies, my friend suddenly write to me if everything is fine ..... it wasn't between us and Zuzka ???? She broke the ice there too ...... I'm going to try to pull out every word that you - Zuzanka told me .... But I won't forget the only one. I want to say one big thank you ..... Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most beautiful Christmas present I received. Miracles happen ... Christmas miracles are in us. Thank you for every single encouragement ..... That it wasn't all yet ??? No, I don't believe it, my husband came to see me and not the way a grumbling bear walks, but I feel respect, not tension .... The hard thing that didn't allow me to breathe, to move, to enjoy life is also broken ... I feel that a lot of things have already been cleaned and it will definitely come beautiful and rare yet. It is already on the way to me, as Zuzka suddenly appeared to me. So big thanks again"
Janka, 47 years

Martin, 36 years


"I met Zuzka a few years ago, but a few days ago she literally took my breath away with her changes and work on herself. It is as if she has discovered a tremendous gift within herself, with which she can positively influence others to the point of miracles.

In the past I went through various motivational courses and later became skeptical about these things, but during this conversation with her I said to myself that I want to believe and I had the feeling that the previous motivators were not even close to such a high level.

And actually after this conversation, the next days were different, not as ordinary as before, but I started to enjoy them and enjoy life, overcoming problems became a game. Every day he surprises me with something new and positive. At the same time, I'm actually still at the beginning of the journey, it wasn't even the first official session, but I'm curious where it will take me and I believe that the best is still ahead of me."

Martin, 36 years

Juraj, 46 years


"Regular intensive work and a relationship with Zuzana moved me to another level of my life, which I had no idea about until now.

As a therapist with eight years of successful experience, I felt that I already knew a lot, but the relationship I have with Zuzana revealed other hidden and learned subconscious habits from the environment, family, friends, whom I met until that time.

Each session reveals the deeper layers of the subconscious and shows us what is hidden in us.

Urgent things like physical pain and their causes were resolved in 1-2 sessions.

Deeper processes such as relationships, communication, self-love, self-acceptance, self-awareness are a longer process.

In relationships, both in the previous and in the present, I had a problem to listen, accept and understand a different opinion.

And Zuzana didn't give me a choice, she was clear about what she wanted and that she wanted to be with me.

And so it was impossible to escape, as we are now in a relationship and far from all friends and loved ones, because we live in the Caribbean.

In my therapeutic practice with my clients - I was able to do it and I was able to listen, immediately advise, solve the situation, but in private life I have not been able to do so far.

And in our relationship, we had a process where we learned to communicate - to listen and accept that opinions in the relationship need to be understood, solved and not left.

In my background, I was not accepting, not understanding and rejecting my partner's opinion.

When I write this reference after a year of regular work on myself with Zuzana, I am happy to get up in the morning and look forward to what I can create for myself, my partner and the world around me.

After a year of intensive work, I am kinder to myself and my partner, I lose weight naturally and effortlessly, and I eat whatever I want and take responsibility for myself.

Aggression, irritability and blaming my surroundings for my problems and mistakes in my life are gone.

When the moment comes where I don't feel good, I ask myself why I am attracting it and what I can do to change this situation.

Zuzana helped me find the cause where I was always lost and then we solved it.

We did not come here to suffer in this world and do work that we do not enjoy, we are here to create our own more beautiful world and our surroundings can be inspired by us.

I thank Zuzana for her divine patience and desire to explain things simply and easily - how and what is ideal to do at a given moment to move forward.

My process to the core - who I am - came after deciding that I wanted a change.

I realized how distressed I was and I did not accept my life as it was and blamed everyone around me.

Now I know my life is in my hands.

I had a successful life, in the 27th year of my life I traveled 33 countries around the world - from a parking guard as a student to a professional award-winning photographer through my own company in Japan with Slovak wine to a successful therapist.

I've been everything in my life, but not myself.

I was doing things for appreciation from my surroundings and my family to feel special and accepted.

But there was a constant desire for recognition and attention.

In 2017, I slept on a bench on the street for 2 weeks because I did not have a properly set up agreement with a client on a large project, where I invested my time and money and lost everything.

After this experience, I resented people and there I stopped believing that life can be beautiful and harmonious.

Everything changed after the meeting with Zuzana in February 2018.

We met at a time when we were both financially down, with financial commitments and a minimum income.

We had a desire to have a better time together and we were brave and we allowed to us believe that we will have a life according to our desires.

Thanks to how we held together and that we had the courage to go for what we really wanted - we are living in the Caribbean since October 2018.

We have found our way to ourselves, to a beautiful loving relationship and to financial abundance.

It was a process, awareness came, difficult periods, but we believed that it will be good.

When we hold together, whatever the situation is, we can solve it together.

Zuzana will guide you in the situations you are dealing with and you will see and feel the immediate changes after the first session.

I recommend Zuzana, whether you want to move in health, business, personal or partner life."

Juraj, 46 years, Therapist

Anička, 37 years


"Thank you for opening the way for me and helping me, and especially for being so nice and devoting your time to me outside the session with an explanation of the reasons.

I'm happy with your approach..because you can advise and help, even outside the session and it lighten the soul.

and you know why ... because after my experience, no one spends time outside the session ... and that's a plus that helps people on this side they have more trust.

I appreciate it very much

it helped me when you described to me what it is like, even though I can't understand everything but still .... trust do other things and I believe that it will move for the better with your help.

Thank you again "

Anička, 37 years, Employee in the State administration

Veronika, 32 years


"Hello, I would like to point out Zuzka and her work this way. I found Zuzka by chance on Facebook, even though it probably wasn't a coincidence, my soul found her and wanted to contact her to help me. My financial situation was not very auspicious and Zuzka suggested working with me as a gift and I had a few sessions for free. We went from the health of my family, me, my soul, work, relationships and fears to this day in such a style that I smile like a sun and finally I'm fine 🌞 I really recommend Zuzka 💃🌹😘 "

Veronika, 32 years, Kindergarten teacher

Andray, 34 years


"I recently met Zuzana through The Greatness Academy we both attended.

After chatting with her for our free consultation call, I felt really drawn to her gentle nurturing soul. 

Zuzana was really patient and kind while helping me express what my heart and soul wanted to speak to her about, and she was able to lighten my heart, and soul that I never felt before.

I did not know what to expect when attending my very first energy healing session; but after the powerful tools Zuzana provided and activities to do daily, I know I would definitely go back to her for more guidance love, and support.

Before meeting Zuzana, I had been doing lots of self-development work, but she was able to give me new ways to think about things that were bothering me and help me shift my mind to more nurturing to my heart and soul.

Being her very first international client I want to say that Zuzana truly is an amazing healer, an amazing coach, and just an amazing Human being full of Love and Light!

Thank you again Zuzana for such an amazing experience and looking forward to more sessions with you!

Sending you lots of Love and Light Zuzana! 


Andray, 34 years, IT

Justin, 32 years


"What a fantastic coach! 

Today I spoke with Zuzana, her presence during the session was amazing. 

Even within our brief session she was able to establish rapport and an awareness that was instantly recognizable. 

 After I expressed where I was and what my goals were she was able to read my energy and see that my goals and values are present, and that I just need a push from time to time to keep moving. 

She then lead me through a tapping session that ignited the fire with-in myself. 

Zuzana is truly a world-class coach. 

I can only imagine how greatly impactful her services would be with compounding sessions."

Justin, 32 years, Coach

Juraj, 45 years


"Session with Zuzana is pleasant and unforced.

It emanates from her insight, understanding, humanity and empathy for your life situation that you need to resolve.

Her sensitive approach and guidance during the session is like talking to friends.

Personally, I have been working as an therapist for 8 years, I have experiences with the EFT method, the Silva method, Coaching, Neurolinguistic programming and Zuzana's sessions are the essence of these techniques and even more.

Every teacher has his teacher and Zuzana is mine.

She has helped me in managing anger, the traumatic experiences from childhood, divorce, financial problems and the acceptance of myself, my uniqueness and my talent.

Already during the first session you feel the positive changes to yourself and later on your surroundings, who feel that something pleasant happens to you.

Zuzana focuses directly on the cause of the situation that you have and then together you can naturally soften it and then clean it.

I needed help and brought me to Zuzana and now I feel calm, happy and I accept the life, how it comes to me every day more and more."

Juraj, 45 rokov, Therapist

Mirka, 22 years


"My rescue from the Caribbean!

You may remember an article that I published a few months ago in which I described a loss in my own world!

I didn't know what to do, I drove away people I wanted in my life, I was losing my health and a few loved ones left me, I even stopped believing, that I will be able to finish school, not to mention the problems at work!

In short, breathing was challenging for me, too!

And in that I saw an inspiring life, that lead this young lady and decided to write her! I don't even know how we came to the first online conversation, but one I know, she put me back in the game, returned my world to me. Slowly but surely I was going into the module of myself, just as you see me again today! I am very grateful for her time and her advice!

That's why I suggest you let people help you get up again! Find your inspiration!

Personally, I highly recommend contacting this beautiful lady if you need advice on how to live a fulfilled life. "

Mirka, 22 years, Student and young businesswoman

Mirka, 22 years


"Where to start? This amazing person helped me find myself again and be strong. Finish the pain and start working fully again! Allergies and a huge degree of negation, which increased in my circumstances, have disappeared. Definitely if you don't know where to go, contact her, find time and find your direction again, your happiness! "

Mirka, 22 years, Student and young businesswoman

Hugo, 29 years

Dominican republic

"The first time in my life I meet such a spiritual person. I am experienced in mystical organizations, but first in my life I feel such a vibration. As a high graded freemason and rosicrucian, Zuzana makes me feel that she is connected with something higher. "

Hugo, 29 years