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Zuzana Jankajová
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Hi, my name is Zuzana Jankajová.

I am a Medium, Psychic, Healer, Transformational Coach & Mentor.


I am here to show you, that your life is important.

We can solve any undesired life situation in our life.

So we can live better life, we can feel amazing, loved and fascinated by life every one day.

I help people to solve their life situations, to process and heal their unprocessed and negative / painful emotions and deeper traumas and blocks in us.

I support also faster healing of our body, health issues of any kind.

As every health issue is some kind of blocked energy in our body. Very often it is caused by our hidden, unprocessed emotions.

I work always with the root cause as my spiritual gift is to see it, feel it and also I see the right solution for you in line with your soul.

I transform our relationships if it is towards to ourselves, to our family or partner or even to money, business and prosperity.

I believe by all my heart, that we are here to be loved, appreciated and enjoy our life every moment.

And I see the solution.

Everything in our life has its own purpose, cause and solution.

I would love to support you on your journey.

If you feel that you would love to connect with me and know more about how I can help and support you, feel free arrange a free call with me.

With Love


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Your are creator of your life.

The power is in you.

Zuzana Jankajová

Your Life Is Important 

How you feel determines quality of your life.

Health & Emotions

I help people to process, heal and transform undesired, painful and negative emotions. Traumas, depressions, fears, anxiety, panick attacks...

I do also energy healing and I work with the root cause of our health issues. It supports faster healing. Cancer, cysts, pains, inner organs, breathing, tetany...



I help people attract their ideal partner or transform, improve their actual relationship / marriage. You will feel again love, passion and joy.

We will cleanse deeper subconscious patterns, blocks and I will give you exact steps and tools you need make the change esiaer and lifelong.


Life situations

I help people change and heal longterm or shorter life situations, that you are not able to change or solve. We will cleanse the patterns and cleanse the energies.

I help people to solve also situations, patterns that could be in more generations of your family. There are deeper levels that we need to transform and heal.


Self-love & Self-acceptance

I help people to heal, deepen relationship to ourselves. I open and support self-love and self-acceptance. We will work also with your inner child and heal hidden pains and unprocessed emotions in you.

I will connect you with your true self. Open your power and strengthen your intuition. 


Money, Business & Prosperity

I teach people healthy and powerful relationship to money, to wealth, to business, sale and your clients. We will cleanse subconscious patterns that block you and stop you on your journey to success.

I will teach you the secrets how  to open prosperity in your life. Business mentoring.


Heavy energies & Past lives.

I communicate with souls. I am a Medium. I see past lives. I cleanse energy blocks, curses, karma of our family, ancestors and us. I cleanse our past lives, that have negative impact on our life.

I cleanse also spaces, houses, villas and offices from heavy and negative energies, entities.


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It is your life.

It is really important, how you feel, what are your desires, your dreams.

Are you happy in every area of your life?

I would like to say you, that you truly can live the life of your dreams or even better.

Everyone of us has the unique gifts in us, talents..

And also we have in our life certain challenges, life situations, repeating patterns in certain areas of our life.

Till we will understand it deeper, till we will heal, process and transform what unconsciously create, attract those undesired life situations, emotions, feelings or relationships.

I have for you 2 news. And maybe it is no new for you, but I would like to take it to an awareness for you:

1. Everything has purpose, root cause and the solution

2. You have power to change any undesired, negative or painful situation in your life.

Yes, it want work.

I also needed work to be able to live fully my life, love myself and be fascinated every day by life.

It is possible and it is waiting for you.

So I would like to empower you, inspire you, take responsibility for your life and everything what is happening.

Then you able to change it.

I am here, to support you and make this process for you easier, faster and more joyful.

So if you feel that to have help and support on your journey to happiness, true love, joy in life and prosperity and success...

I will be glad to guide you, empower you and also heal deeper levels, that you may not see, but are impacting your life.

Looking forward to meet you soon.


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Are you ready to change your life?

Secrets of life create difference.

Zuzana Jankajová

How the life works 

3 Important parts of Life


I help people to process our old emotions, anger, pain, sadness, that still can be hidden somewhere deep in us.

I heal and transform also energies, blocks from our past. I teach people the lessons the life want to teach them.



I help people be strong, powerful, be able manage any life situation, lesson and challenge.

I teach people how to enjoy the day, how to be in their power and be resistant to outside negative impacts.



I heal fears, uncertainty and negativity towards to future. I give people steps and tools how to create what they desire.

I teach people techniques how to attract to your life what you deserve. I open your true potential.

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Coaching with Zuzana


Our past shows us, what we need heal, process and let go in our life.

It is very important to have healthy relationship to our past.

When you still feel sadness, anger or another strong emotions or fears from your past, you still live your past experiences and your pain again and again and it creates new energy for pain to your present life and to your future.

It has big impact on what situation you attract to your life, what you need go through.

Even sometimes you can feel that you let it go, but still on the deeper level, it has not to be really healed and processed.


Is result of our past lives, our past, what our families taught us.

Is result of our thoughts, emotions, our beliefs and subconscious patterns in us.

On another side, present is great place to learn, grow and create new future.

Only present moment truly exist.

So it is important to be happy, excited and in love every one day.

Present moment creates new opportunities, new improvements.

Also our mental, emotional and physical state is very important, it has impact on how we feel and see our present.



How we see our future has big impact also in how we feel in present moment and what energies we create.

I would like to share with you my awareness. I found out, that we can have everything in our life what we desire for or better, when we are open to accept the life and learn from it.

When we will heal and transform our negative patterns, beliefs and fears in us, we open our true potential.

The life is here for us. 

We just need better understand the lessons, purpose of it.

Lets dream big and make our dreams come true. It is in our hands. 

My Transformation

I am conscious creator of my life.

 Zuzana Jankajová

Why work with me


I am interested in personal development from my 16.

Everything I teach, I needed understand by my self.

Not just in theory, but implement it to my life and live it.

So today, I understand the life, what is happening to us and why and the most important how we can change it consciously.

The year 2019 was for me and my partner to most challenging as financially, emotionally, related to our relationship.. 

But at the same time, spiritual gifts have been opened to me.

I transformed my life, my relationship and also processed and healed my old traumas from my childhood.

Relationships, prosperity and self-love and confidence was the longest challenges in my life.

I needed to understand the deeper principles, lessons and change also my awareness, beliefs and relationship to myself and to the life.

Spirituality unlocked the love, happiness and prosperity in my life.

As it opens deeper understanding, what is really important and how the life really works.

Thanks to that I created effective tools and methods how make this process and transformation easier and faster.

I create transformation of every are of your life you need.

You will become your true self in your full potential.


Coaching with Zuzana

Would you like to change your life?


I consider Zuzka to be the best transformational coach I have ever met.


Zuzana is truly a world-class coach. 


The money invested in these sessions is probably my best investment so far in myself. 

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