€1.400,00 EUR

1 Month 1:1 Coaching

The life changing decision is only 1 step from you. 

That is amazing, that you are attracted to new level of your life.

I am proud of you. The best time is NOW :)

I am so excited to work with you.

What you'll get:

  • 1st Call as Bonus call to know each other and to set up what you want to heal, process, transform or achieve in your life
  • 4 x 1 Hour Session - Healing, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Support by messages in urgent or challenging situations
  • Customized materials, exercises, tools and techniques, that will make whole process and transformations easier, faster and more joyful



Capacity for 1:1 Coaching is 30 people

In the case, when a lot of people will buy 1:1 Coaching at same time, what will cause exceeded capacity:

You can choose: later date to start the 1:1 Coaching with me or immediate full refund of your payment.

What Clients Are Saying:

Right after the first session, my joy returned to life, I feel myself again, feminine and light, as if the veil in front of my eyes has been exposed, which threw an almost one-year undiagnosable ailment over them. I'm looking forward to the next meeting.


MY EXPERIENCE WITH ZUZKA I consider Zuzka to be the best transformational coach I have ever met. During two weeks, I had two meetings with her. The issues surrounding my 9-year relationship reached such a level of resolution that I no longer felt the need to resolve something. I couldn't overcome this matter even in 8 months of working with Andy Winson. Therefore, I decided to continue working more closely with Zuzka. Her female notion of the world and the problems associated with it is unique and the obvious results do not take long to come. Thank you Zuzka for your help.


For two years I have been experiencing problems with the man I love. Classical psychological directions have advised me to go away from it. For two years I have been looking for a different approach, because something in me knows very well that there is a solution and that the relationship can be healed. Zuzka - she directed me very sensitively and perceptively to the right path, and I have no doubt that love is truly a healing energy. I am grateful to meet her. Besides, she is a beautiful woman with a look and soul who smiles and beams a beautiful light.


My rescue from the Caribbean! You may remember an article that I published a few months ago in which I described a loss in my own world! I didn't know what to do, I drove away people I wanted in my life, I was losing my health and a few loved ones left me, I even stopped believing, that I will be able to finish school, not to mention the problems at work! In short, breathing was challenging for me, too! And in that I saw an inspiring life, that lead this young lady and decided to write her! I don't even know how we came to the first online conversation, but one I know, she put me back in the game, returned my world to me. Slowly but surely I was going into the module of myself, just as you see me again today! I am very grateful for her time and her advice! That's why I suggest you let people help you get up again! Find your inspiration! Personally, I highly recommend contacting this beautiful lady if you need advice on how to live a fulfilled life.


I attended a therapeutic online session with Zuzka and I am very satisfied with her work and approach. She knows exactly what she needs to do and what to focus on thanks to her connection. I definitely recommend Zuzka's help to everyone who is determined to solve and resolve their life challenges. " "I feel such a deeper self-acceptance and reconciliation with myself, and I feel better both physically and internally, so it definitely helped and of course I will continue.


I am grateful to Zuzka for doing what she does. After 2 years of hard suffering, she was the only one who could calm my soul and lead me on the right path. She took a long way with me, which several psychologists have failed to do. She is very accommodating, and especially perceptive. She is not afraid to tell you her opinion on what to do and give you some practical advice or techniques. Zuzka also helps at a higher level, which you feel right after the first session, and in fact, after every single one, I'm charged with her positive energy. It also happened that I called her at the same time and she reacted promptly. She also doesn't do anything about it if the session here and there is extended by a few minutes with me, so it often happens she never asked me anything. Here she shows her humanity and character and great zeal to really help people. The money invested in these sessions is probably my best investment so far in myself and the person who really deserves it and more :). Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to our next sessions.


I recently met Zuzana through The Greatness Academy we both attended. After chatting with her for our free consultation call, I felt really drawn to her gentle nurturing soul. Zuzana was really patient and kind while helping me express what my heart and soul wanted to speak to her about, and she was able to lighten my heart, and soul that I never felt before. I did not know what to expect when attending my very first energy healing session; but after the powerful tools Zuzana provided and activities to do daily, I know I would definitely go back to her for more guidance love, and support. Before meeting Zuzana, I had been doing lots of self-development work, but she was able to give me new ways to think about things that were bothering me and help me shift my mind to more nurturing to my heart and soul. Being her very first international client I want to say that Zuzana truly is an amazing healer, an amazing coach, and just an amazing Human being full of Love and Light! Thank you again Zuzana for such an amazing experience and looking forward to more sessions with you! Sending you lots of Love and Light Zuzana!


Session with Zuzana is pleasant and unforced. It emanates from her insight, understanding, humanity and empathy for your life situation that you need to resolve. Her sensitive approach and guidance during the session is like talking to friends. Personally, I have been working as an therapist for 8 years, I have experiences with the EFT method, the Silva method, Coaching, Neurolinguistic programming and Zuzana's sessions are the essence of these techniques and even more. Every teacher has his teacher and Zuzana is mine. She has helped me in managing anger, the traumatic experiences from childhood, divorce, financial problems and the acceptance of myself, my uniqueness and my talent. Already during the first session you feel the positive changes to yourself and later on your surroundings, who feel that something pleasant happens to you. Zuzana focuses directly on the cause of the situation that you have and then together you can naturally soften it and then clean it. I needed help and brought me to Zuzana and now I feel calm, happy and I accept the life, how it comes to me every day more and more.


If it is true that it is said that there are angels on the earth without wings, then this nice, smiling horsehair Zuzka is one of them ... Fate arranged it for me so that I had the opportunity to meet Zuzka for the first time a year ago, and since then I have managed to go through the full path of suffering thanks to her constant help .. Before I met her, I was mentally very ill, so much that I thought about suicide, because I did not see another way out of my problems .. I have a difficult divorce, great existential and financial problems .... Well, the first session, the first contact was enough and I started to perceive the world and my life a little more colorfully, because someone appeared who helped me direct the flow of thoughts and I am extremely grateful that he is here for me too .. There is a lot I need to solve, just like the others, but somehow you always know exactly when to call me and how to help me. Main thanks to you also for what you taught me ... that everything I want and I have to change, it's mainly to change my attitude towards myself .. and you were right .. Zuzka I want to express my huge gratitude to you in this way, for what you have done with me and for me and I really appreciate you, and I look forward to each of our sessions, because it will always give me something new and give you courage and self-confidence .. Over time, I see what I've been through and that now I have no problem getting up in the morning and falling asleep in the evening with a smile on my face, because I believe more and more that I can do what I want ... whether in private or work life, because with with your help, I am also doing very well financially ... gradually turning my little dreams into reality..